How to Protect Yourself When Using online Apps

We all want to find our ideal partner. While we all can go out and do it ourselves, there are many online tools that can help those who are looking for a partner. According to a study by Pew Research Center, 15 percent of US adults used matchmaking sites in 2015. Most of these sites will offer promotions to entice users to enroll. While these dating apps can allow users to connect with other singles, the amount of personal information they contain are prone to cybersecurity concerns. In 2016, a review by Seworks found that five of these dating apps had source codes that were easy to read allowing access to personal information. To keep yourself safe, here are some tips when using these apps.

Don’t Use Them On Public, Unprotected Wi-Fi Networks

Cyber criminals these days have developed sophisticated methods to breach security systems. However, you are making their job much easier if you use these apps on public Wi-Fi networks. Most of these networks do not require a password making it easy to monitor online activity. If you insist on accessing your account in public, use Bluetooth instead and install a VPN. Disable GPS and tracking so that criminals cannot locate your whereabouts.

Don’t Share Your Personal Information Online or Email

In order for you to enroll, these dating app will require your name location, and picture. They may even ask for more sensitive information such as the location of your work or amount of income. If you do sign up, give as little personal information as you can and avoid sharing information though in-app messaging, text, or email.

While the person you are talking to may not be a criminal, hackers can access your messages and uncover your personal information. Provide the required details when meet them in person. If they insist on getting your financial information or ask for money, get in touch with law enforcers.

Don’t Sync Your Apps with Social Media Accounts

Even if you withhold personal information on the apps, hackers can still access them if they are linked to your social media accounts. Dating apps are password protected and use multi-factor authentication for an added layer of security. Use several strong passwords on your social accounts for your security. Syncing your account to social sites is practice that can compromise the security of your information.

Dating apps will use tokens from social media as verification for users who opt to sync their apps with their account. Often times, personal information can be temporarily accessed even if the social media site is password protected.